1. What’s in my bag:

    • Umbrella - Melbourne you’re more temperamental than my ex girlfriend.
    • Bandaids - I always manage to cut myself when cooking. Not in the emo way either. I’m just a klutz.
    • Herschel Supply wallet  - I call this my man purse to much of the amusement of my co-workers. It’s practical and let’s me slip coins and my headphones in.
    • Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson - Enjoying this a lot even if parts about Steve’s personality come as no surprise. Nice guys finish last I guess.
    • Contact lenses & Glasses - People are always surprised I wear both. So there you have it.
    • Tissues - I always get bleeding noses at the worst possible times.
    • Pen - I have no idea why I carry this but it makes me appear more organised than I actually am so I’ve decided to include it. Maybe I’ll use it to write poetry on the train? Yeah okay, maybe not.
    • Vsonic Headphones - I love these. I can listen to music on the train without looking like a complete tool. Yes, I’m looking at you wearing the headphnes that came with your iPhone. Please turn down your Justin Bieber as no one needs to hear that at 7.30 in the morning.
    • Lanyard - I refuse to wear this at work so it sits in my pocket. It holds my security pass, Myki card, usb key and house keys.
    • Lucas pawpaw - The love of my life. I get dry lips from time to time.
    • iPhone - No shit.
    • Yoyo - My favourite.
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