2. Hello from my ahem lovely work toilet. Home time I think.  Sleepy. 

  3. Every shot in Kevin Durant’s NBa history. Neat. 

  4. Self portrait at Rosebud Pier.

    (Source: alexwisephotography.net)


  7. I had my nose cauterised today. Weird sensation. 

  8. Big Boi vs. The Black Keys - Black Bug (Wick-it the Instigator)


  9. So remember that bogan at your school? This is mine. The photo says it all really. 

  10. Ahh Dan Murphy’s delivery… My wallet hates you but I love you. I was only ordering 4 bottles but figured another 4 would save me the hassle of carrying them home at a later date.  You can never have too much wine right? 

  12. Willy Bogner Film // Skiing Hawaii


  14. Look I’m happy you’re getting laid but can you keep it down at 3am on a Sunday?

  15. Morgan Freeman Chats with Jimmy While Sucking Helium